People Against Prisons Aotearoa does vitally important work every day to help build a fairer, more just Aotearoa. This work happens because our members do all of the day to day things that go into building a movement. PAPA is driven by its membership, and demonstrates what we can do when we engage in collective efforts for change.

Throughout history, people have stood up against oppression. Prisons are one of the fundamental sources of oppression of our time. Prisons reinforce the most violent aspects of racism and entrench the inequality between the rich and poor. Our ancestors built movements to address the injustices of their times. Now it’s our turn.

If you care about these injustices, we encourage you to become a member of PAPA. You can sign up as a member here. By becoming a member of PAPA, you can help us address these injustices and build something better.

As members, we attend local branch meetings, where we learn about criminal justice issues and discuss what to do about them. Branch meetings are where we build our skills as organisers who know how to mobilise people power. Members can get involved in working groups, doing things like organising protests, advocating for prisoners, helping to run our penpal network, and researching current criminal justice issues. We currently have branches in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin; meeting details are available online to members and supporters after signing up.

PAPA exists because the people recognise that something has to be done about the crisis of incarceration. Our members are our greatest resource and do incredible work every day to end the violence of the prisons. Become a member today.