Care Not Cages online launch

An image of a neverending plane of locked boxes. one box in the foreground has been unlocked; inside it, seedlings sprout from rich soil. the care not cages campaign logo, two Cs with outreached hands is in one corner. the opposite corner reads: online launch, Monday 10 July 11AM.

our justice system is broken.

It has been for a long time. Yet, this election, as always, our media and politicians have been feeding a moral panic around crime. This moral panic has been used to justify ‘tough on crime’ policies like increased policing, harsher prison sentences, and youth boot camps.

Policies like these have never succeeded. They fail to reduce crime and social harm. They breach Te Tiriti o Waitangi and make marginalisation and inequality worse.

We’re launching Care Not Cages, a campaign to oppose tough on crime policies and to transform our criminal justice system into one that centres (re)habilitation, restoration, transformation and prevention and honours Te Tiriti.

This campaign challenges the government to adopt all 12 recommendations of the Turuki Turuki! report, which you can read here.

The online launch is on Zoom, Monday 10 July at 11AM NZST.

Speakers include:

  • Emmy Rākete
  • Julia Whaipooti
  • Aphiphany Forward-Taua
  • Awatea Mita

We’ll talk about the campaign, its goals, and what you can do to support it! there’ll be time for questions as well. If you’re interested in prison abolition or reform in Aotearoa, we’d love to have you.