Build Communities, Not Cages

The government has announced its intention to resurrect the racist Three Strikes laws, build a US-style megaprison at Waikeria, and funnel $1.9bn away from our social services and into our prisons. People Against Prisons Aotearoa is committed to mobilising against these racist, deficient, harmful changes.

On Saturday 25th May at 1pm, please join us outside Mt Eden Prison on the corner of Lauder Rd and Normanby Rd. We need to send a message to the government that we won’t accept mass incarceration as a “solution” to social problems.

If you’re keen to make our action more impactful, here are some ways to help:

  • Share on social media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We will be posting a lot about this throughout the coming week.
  • Postering: please help us get these up in your community. You can download them here, or we have loads printed and ready to go if you need some dropped off;
  • Chants: send us some chants for the protest;
  • Pamphlet: write copy for or help make a pamphlet to distribute at the protest;
  • Attend, and bring your friends and family!

Please reach out to us by email or through Discord if you can contribute.

All power to the people.